Sunday, October 19, 2014

Washer Tournament 2014

We have been spending more time in the backyard.

Take a picture of me!

This was the only picture I got from this weekend.  Hadlee and Yancey posing for new wallpaper on the Ipad.

Guadalupe County Fair 2014

For the last 4 years we have gotten off the Friday before Turkeyfest and the last 3 years we have went to Turkeyfest.  This year was not going to be a traveling year so we joined in our local festivities in Guadalupe County.  We went to the 30 minute parade on Friday morning.  After church on Sunday we went to the fair with Cyndy, she was in Texas for the long weekend.
Hadlee won a fish, the man gave Hays one after he lost the game.

RIP goldfish, they lasted until Monday and Tuesday

We all loved the fair and had a great afternoon with Cyndy.

Of course they had to ride some rides.

Weekend in Victoria

A morning of bale jumping, Hays wanted me to point out that he catching air in this picture.

Hannah and Hadlee 

After dinner with the family, I took the kids for a round of Putt-Putt.

Lutherfest-  The kids had a blast.  Carson was helping them play bingo.   I think the kids won 6 cakes and 4 6 packs of cokes.   They were on a high for sure!

End of September 2014

The girls wanted to enter their picture for a GAP contest.   We spend a Sunday afternoon in September taking pictures.  Mema and Papa came for the afternoon and treated us to dinner.  

After they left, we got the sidewalk chalk out to make Daddy a welcome home banner.

The last Friday of September, my school treats the "good" students to an open gym.  We had over 100 students that came to have fun.   The girls were at a sleep over and Hays came to have fun.   He is taller than a majority of the 6th graders so he fit right in.

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