Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun with Kellie!

Kellie reading our favorite book.
A rare picture with all three together!
Hays reading a book (ok- it's upside down)
Kellie joined us at CiCis and Hays is still in love!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pics from the Zoo

Yesterday we ventured to the Houston Zoo. We went last year so we decided to do it again this year. The kids loved all the animals. By the time we arrived some of the animals had found shade and were taking naps. We asked the kids what their favorite animals were and they said shhh cats(the tigers and lions were napping).
We managed to spend 2 hours there with no meltdowns from all three. Harper was a little grumpy, little did we know she was getting sick (high fever and vomiting). She's the last to get a virus that started with Hadlee last Tuesday. We're crossing our fingers it's the same one or we'll have another week of sickness.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue Bell 100th Birthday Celebration

We had a blast this weekend!!! All the BlueBell ice cream you can eat for three days plus fun and games for the kids. We were planning on heading to the celebration on Thursday after their doctor appointments but Hays had a pretty high temp. Nothing was stopping us on Friday morning, as you can see by the pictures it was raining. It rained the entire morning, just a little water to wash off the sticky ice cream.

The kids got to see cows, sheep, horses, chicks, rabbits and goats in the petting zoo. They jumped on the Scooby Doo and BlueBell bouncers. We got lots of BlueBell goodies. They went searching for ice cream scoops in a water trough. Mommy, Harper and Hays even got tattoos. Mema, Papa and Daddy joined us on Saturday to eat even more ice cream.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Two Year Checkups

Yesterday we had our well-child checkup. Just thought I'd share their heights and weights- Harper 23lb11oz (20th percentile); 34 in. (50th), Hays 30lb8oz (60th); 351/4 in. (60th), Hadlee 29lb (70th); 341/2 (50th).
Post pics of the Blue Bell Celebration sometime this weekend.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

South Padre Island

We went down to South Padre with the Arroyos last week. Fun was had by everyone. It was the first time at the beach for the kids and all three loved it. This was the first time that our kids had been together and Alyssa and AJ were the best helpers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

Just thought I'd share some pictures I took this afternoon. I set up the pool we had last year while the kids were taking their nap. By the time we went outside the sides of the pool had deflated, we were able to enjoy 20 minutes of pool fun.

We had nachos and yogurt for dinner. They love beans, cheese and chips so I thought they would enjoy nachos. All three turned their noses at nachos but they devoured the yogurt w/frozen fruit. They picked out the fruit with their fingers then ate the yogurt. We're working on using our utensils. . . can you tell??
Hay's post should be tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hays Middlebrook

Little Man, Baby Boy, Bubba, Haysman, Hazer- so many names for the one of a kind- Hays Middlebrook. Just thinking of Hays brings a smile to my face.

Every morning when I get the three out of bed, Hays greets me by saying “mommy” then “milk”. I lift him out of his crib and he runs to the table where his milk is always waiting for him. Yesterday I forgot to put the sippy cups on the table and I sure did get an ear full from Hays.

Hays is our communicator. He’s been saying words for months and is starting to form sentences. It’s so neat to have conversations with him. He gets so excited when he learns new words and then gets to use them. Today he started saying Harper’s name. It comes out like “Hoppers”.

Hays loves to eat, just not meat or vegetables. He’s our “Fruititarian”. He likes Fisher Boy fish sticks so we have them a couple of times a week.

Hays is very laid back. Very rarely does Hays interact with his sisters. He likes to play independently or in a group with an adult. He usually lets one of his sisters have a toy rather than fight for it. Hays is our lover.
Hays is a ladies’ man. He loves to flirt with anyone that pays him attention. Sometimes during the day Hays will come up to me and give me a big wet kiss then goes back to playing with his toys. So sweet, so sweet.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Harper Leigh

Lovable, a fireball, our baby- Harper Leigh. In the flash of a second she can disappear then reappear, Harper is always on the go.

Most mornings I wake up to a "Harper SCREAM" followed by her usual fussiness. After about 5 minutes she starts to jabber to see if her brother and sister are awake. When I finally go into to get the three, Harper demands to be held and tries her hardest for me not to hold the other two. She's definitely the most needy in the morning and when she wakes up from her nap.

Harper is very independent but always makes sure that either Mom or Dad sticks around. If the three are playing in a different room she will check in frequently to make sure we haven't left. Harper loves to make sure her Daddy doesn't get any long naps. Wade refers to her as his "snooze" button. She won't let you rest your eyes without a quick slap on your chest.

Harper is our talker. She's always talking- most of the time we don't know what she's saying because it's coming out so fast. Her vocabulary is filled with words and sign language. Harper has even made up some new signs for sorry and thank you. While very endearing to see her express that she's sorry to siblings and others, it's usually because she's pulled hair, pinched, or scratched someone. It didn't take Harper long to figure out that biting left evidence on her victim.

Our Miss Social, Harper loves the attention from everyone. If someone doesn't pay her the attention that she thinks she deserves she will do her best to make sure she finally gets it. Harper and Hadlee definitely compete on a daily basis for everything.
As night draws near, you can always count on more hugs and kisses from Harper. The tornado usually goes to sleep fast and sound until the morning light appears and we do another day.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, we've had a busy morning!

After watching an episode of Barney, "Spring Fun", which talks about it raining, we traveled to Chappell Hill for the annual July 4th parade. We went last year so we decided to make it a family tradition. Mom watched the radar and hoped the rain wouldn't make it until the parade was over (I didn't get my wish).

Here are some pictures from the parade and the kids watching Barney. Hadlee got into getting candy. Hays liked putting the candy into stroller and Harper followed along with the other two. They ate more candy than they did at Halloween. After a couple pieces they really just enjoyed picking it up. Should be a fun afternoon couped up indoors with 3, 2 year olds!!

Working on Hay's pictures (did you see his haircut) and Harper's pictures should be finished tomorrow.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hadlee Ray

The oldest, our leader, the boss of the three. She’s a creature of habit- every morning she’ll let everybody know the morning routine. You can always count on Hadlee to wake up in the morning and from her nap in a good mood.

In the last month she’s grown a love for watching Barney. In the past she would only watch one episode, “Here Kitty, Kitty”. Hadlee would scream with joy when it came on and Hays would start stomping his feet and crying. In the morning I can now get 20 minutes of me time- yeah Barney!!

Hadlee loves to smile and laugh. Definitely the most shy in public but each day she is warming up faster to strangers. She’s Daddy’s girl and boy does she know it, her Daddy will give into her huge smile and belly laughs.

Hadlee doesn’t say much- Dada, Mama, hays, Papa, bye-bye, baw(ball), Dawn (Uncle Don), tickle, tickle (Hannah) and moo. Two weeks ago she said “Mama” for the first time. Her vocabulary is growing and her frustration level with not being able to communicate seems to be leveling off.

She loves animals!!! Cats and dogs are her favorite. She screams when she sees a cat and gives kisses when she sees a dog.

She loves to help her mommy especially in the kitchen. Even if you’re trying to sneak into the kitchen, Hadlee will find you and of course want to be picked up.

Ever since birth it seems that Hadlee has always been sticking out her tongue. When she's working hard on something or just doing daily tasks out comes her tongue. The pictures taken at the park display her unique facial expressions and of course, her tongue.

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