Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love crib tents!!

We've been in Victoria since Saturday and the one thing I miss most about home- the kids' cribs with their tents. (zipped up, of course) Wade and I often joke about having crib tents until they're out of the house at age 18. I know they've got to get their independence but at what cost- staying up until 10:30 and then being total pains the next morning. Tonight I made a compromise by letting them all sleep in the bed. It lasted for 30 minutes, they kicked and pushed each other. It will make us rethink having two doubles or a king when they transition to big kid beds in the coming year!

Last night when I could hear them playing- I took this picture in the dark. Hays and Hadlee playing the piano and Harper trying to "sleep" in the big bed.

Hadlee was very proud of her tower she built yesterday!

Papa helping build an even bigger block tower.

Papa Schroeter and Harper eating lunch today.

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