Wednesday, December 23, 2015



We went to Enchanted Rock with the family. Wade and Hadlee made it up first!!
Wade wanted a selfie with Hadlee !!
Hadlee also took a lot of selfies too!
After that we went to lukinbook (sorry for my spelling)
We saw a lot of chickens!!!
Family photo!!!


We were going on a Carriage ride , we had some time to blow off.So we went to a ginger bread village.
Hays and Harper on the ginger bread train.
Harper the Christmas tree 🌲
Hannah and Haidyn in Santa's slay!!
Hadlee the ginger bread girl😀
Hays could evan act like a girl too!!
Hadlee in front of the Christmas tree 🌲🌲
Time for the Carrige Ride🐴🐴
Haidyn,Papa,and memaw riding in the Carrige!!
We have to get a blizzard after all that fun!!
End the night with a good game of 42

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July 2015

We celebrated the 4th in Seguin, starting with the huge parade.  The celebration made the top 10 small town celebrations by Yahoo Travel.   We ended the evening in Buda.    This was the first year for the kids to have sparklers, they loved them.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

June 2015

Shopping trips to Dillard's aren't always fun, unless the store messes up and your mom lets you do whatever you want to.  

We visited Seaworld and Aquatica 2 times during June.   

Daddy was out of town so we decided to head to Luling for the annual Watermelon Thump.  Hays came in 3rd place in seed spitting- 34 feet.  

We loved babysitting Carson for the day.  

Dog loved having us home during the day.  

Happy 10th Birthday

The kids celebrated their birthday with friends and family on the Saturday after the last week of school.  They requested canned food instead of presents to donate to the Seguin Christian Cupboard.   I didn't get any pictures of their party or donation but they were able to donate 140 pounds of food.   

Lutherhill 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June Victoria Trip

Selfies Spring 2015

Our new way of taking pictures.   The kids each have their own Instagram accounts.   They didn't understand why I wasn't going to update their blog so for now I will keep it going.   The crazy thing is they have their own phones so I don't have to take pictures anymore!

Goodbye 3rd Grade

Harper received the Math Bee classroom winner, Science Fair classroom winner, all A's average for the school year, 150 AR points, Helpful award and Best classroom reader

Hadlee received the Kindness award, Science Fair grade level winner, more A's than B (she only had one B the entire year), Student Council member, Citizenship classroom award and student of the month for May.  

Hays received All As for the entire school year, the Math award, Citizenship award, AR 150 points, Student Council member and Millionaire reader award.
Hays was super excited to see his name the next day.

Harper was Kindergarten teacher for the day, those little ones wore her out!

"Next Year", the kids may be saying goodbye to Rodriguez for 4th grade.

The day that I received my new job assignment, there was a beautiful rainbow.   

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